New job opportunities as part of EU Aid Volunteers Initiative

Published: Jun 13, 2017 Reading time: 4 minutes
New job opportunities as part of EU Aid Volunteers Initiative
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The European EU Aid Volunteers initiative offers candidates the opportunity to work in non-government organizations operating in the humanitarian and development fields in various countries of the world. People in Need (PIN) was the first organization in the Czech Republic with valid certification for deploying volunteers as part of this initiative. A total of four candidates have already been sent in the first round to missions in Turkey, Cambodia, and Angola. Now our offering of destinations is even wider. Candidates can travel to Burma, Georgia, or the Philippines.

Practically anyone with at least two years of professional experience can sign up for the EU Aid Volunteers program. In addition to students, college graduates, and people from the humanitarian aid and development sector, this opportunity is intended for anyone considering a career or life change. Previous experience with volunteering is not a requirement, as confirmed by Clément from France: 

“I’d like to learn more about humanitarian aid because I’ve never worked in this sector before,”he says. “I worked as an attorney in the field of corporate law, and then as a financial advisor in one small company. Still I decided to apply for this position, because I want to get to know the issues surrounding humanitarian aid,” he adds.

Since February Clément has worked as a volunteer in PIN in the position of financial assistant in Turkey.

Interest in working abroad and the valuable experience of working in a stable non-profit organization is continuing to grow. “In the first round there was a truly diverse range of candidates who applied from all different European companies. From these we selected four volunteers who are currently at our missions. These include one Czech woman as well,” describes Petra Weissová, Volunteer Coordinator for PIN. 

“Now we’ve announced the second round, in which we are searching for a total of eight clever and motivated people. We offer them one-of-a-kind professional and life experience. At the same time we try to make our choice in such a way that they will be a valuable addition to our missions and local colleagues and that they will truly feel like part of the working team,” she adds.

All selected volunteers will take part in an orientation training organized by the European Commission in certain member states, which will include an assessment of the preparedness of the participant for deployment. As part of the preparations, each volunteer should spend a certain amount of time prior to their departure at the PIN facility in Prague in order to become familiar with the basics of humanitarian work and the operations of an organization.

Candidates can apply for the following positions until 20 May 2017. In Angola we are looking for someone who understands HR and would support the building of the capacity of the local team. More details about the job offer can be found here. In Cambodia we have open positions in support of media communications. Two positions are currently assigned to Georgia. The first is related to fundraising and working with partners, the second media support and communications. Another two job opportunities are being offered in Burma in the positions of financial assistant and in building capacity for support of civic society. The last destination offered is the Philippines, where we are looking for a volunteer in the position of HR and a worker for support of development programs. All of the work positions being offered are intended for volunteers with a minimum of five years of experience. The profile of the individual volunteers depends on the needs of the specific mission and the work team for which the volunteer will be included in the program.

As part of the program, selected candidates will be provided with all training, pre-departure health examination, air tickets, insurance, and accommodations. During the 12-month duration of the project they will receive per diem from which they must pay for food, for example. The basic requirements for candidates are that they must be no less than 18 years of age, with citizenship or permanent residence in the member countries of the EU.

More detailed information about the current offering of volunteers within EU Aid Volunteers can be found at the PIN website and on the website of the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO):

If you’re interested in the job offerings of PIN, you’d love to travel to an international mission, and you meet all the requirements, don’t hesitate to apply to the program.

For more information contact:

Petra Weissová, PIN Coordinator for EU Aid Volunteers

M: +420 604 268 202

Author: PIN

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