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In Mali, PIN started its activities in 2019 shortly after the opening of the Czech Republic embassy in Bamako. Our activities are performed through our Alliance 2015 partner Welthungerhilfe (WHH), which has 50 years' experience of work in Mali.

Our joint project implemented with WHH is situated in eastern Mali in the Kayes region. Kayes and its neighbouring districts are typical Sahel environments, one of the hottest worldwide, where the population consists of few farmers living close to rivers, herders and nomads, who are freely migrating from Senegal and Mauretania, following the seasonal pastures and water sources. These specifics make the whole area highly vulnerable to climate change and the influx of refugees from recent conflict areas further encourages international migration. Mali also has one of the highest rates of acute malnutrition worldwide.

So PIN with WHH and their local partners focus on key resilience issues. With communities, we’re building a variety of water structures - pastoral wells, micro-dams, ponds, horticulture wells, helping to develop resilient agriculture, through a variety of training and technical support, as well as presenting many innovative solutions supporting livelihood diversification, such as fisheries, aquaculture or horticulture, that produce the foods in high demand but are currently only imported.

This gives a chance to support resilient production in a changing environment, based on solid marketing principles but which also has a strong impact on improving nutrition within the target communities. 

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