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We have been helping in eastern Ukraine since the beginning of the war in 2014, not only in the humanitarian field, but also with the education of young people and the economic development of agricultural areas. After the massive Russian invasion in February 2022, we have massively expanded our team and we provide humanitarian, financial, and psychological assistance throughout the Ukrainian territory. We also began helping refugees who were arriving in the Czech Republic by the tens of thousands. Since February 2022, we have provided assistance to more than 1 million people.

You can read more detailed information about our assistance in our Year of Aid in Ukraine brochure.

"We feel a huge commitment from the very beginning of Putin's aggression against Ukraine. Of course, because we are an organisation that tries to be there when things are really bad and that knows how to work in wars; of course, because the crazy aggression against a neighbouring country cannot leave anyone indifferent and cold, but also because of the help we have received from all those who decided to support us," says Šimon Pánek, director of People in Need.

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What our help looks like

We continue to operate in the west and east of Ukraine where we provide humanitarian, financial, and psychological assistance, and where 296 members of our team are currently working. Across the country, we continue to repair houses, water systems, and makeshift power supplies. We also help to run a phone help line in Ukrainian and Russian. We provide assistance to manage the refugee wave in Moldova and Georgia - we have long supported families there who have provided shelter for people fleeing the war.

In the Czech Republic, we provide refugees with assistance with integration, finding accommodation, work, school and health care. Since the beginning of the war, 450 000 refugees have arrived in the Czech Republic, the highest number per capita of any EU country.

All this help would not have been possible without the massive support of our donors who have contributed more than 83 million euros to the SOS Ukraine appeal.

We keep helping

Our main priority continues to be helping directly in Ukraine where we have already supported over 1 million people. We will keep providing material and food aid, help repair war-torn homes, and provide psychological and other much-needed support.

In the Czech Republic, we will continue to assist the most vulnerable refugee groups, and we will maintain the phone help line in Ukrainian and Russian.

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