Working with migrants

Cooperation with migrants

Although migration has been a major media and political issue in recent years, there are not many migrants or refugees speaking publicly in the Czech media. However, we believe the opportunity to participate in public life is a part of a full-fledged life and integration in a new home. On the other hand, inhabitants of the Czech Republic can get to know migrants better and get acquainted with stories and issues which are important to them and the problems they solve in everyday life, contributing to mutual understanding. Which is why we encourage migrants to be active in public and the media space.

We offer (not only) migrants:

  • News and interesting facts about migration and integration in the Czech Republic on our Facebook page
  • Space for publishing articles, comments, or insights from life on the blog  Migration in Context 
  • Facilitation of contact with journalists or statements to the media, proposing topics, or publishing content
  • Internships or occasional cooperation with the activities of the Migration Awareness Programme, especially in informing the media and the public about migration issues and the life of foreigners in the Czech Republic 
  • Consultation and  support for migrant associations and organizations (networking with public administrations and other actors, project management, media, and communication activities, etc.)  

If you want to cooperate with us, or receive information about our activities and invitations to our upcoming events, please contact us at

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