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Karlovy Vary Region: Resocialisation programmes

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The purpose of our service is to socially include people who have committed unlawful acts or severe violation of society’s norms. Our most important aim is to minimise the risk of recidivism - recurring conflict with society’s norms. The client fulfils the programme if he or she undertakes the minimum number of hours and creates an individual plan. Afterwards he/she may voluntarily continue in the programme and cooperate with us on solutions of any problematic situations discussed during cooperation.

The programmes alone do not aim to solve all of the client’s problems, but are oriented above all on identifying the client’s key issues and needs. In the act of solving problems, the programme serves as the client’s support. We try to use a preventive approach mainly practical help in vitally important areas of life (debt, finances, work, housing, criminal law situations, the client’s mental state). Without such basic support, any other interventions (in the form of social training or motivation) or efforts of somehow developing the client would not be effective or permanent.

Services provided:

Resocialisation programmes

Capacity: 10 people

Age: any

Within our programme we provide services such as accompanying clients to court, help with writing applications for parole, help with administrative steps in connection with reporting to serve a prison sentence, or with making police statements. We help with explaining legal terms, we help in negotiations with other authorities and entities involved and we conduct a resocialisation (social) training programme.

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