Working in The Human Rights and Democracy Centre

Published: Jun 2, 2017 Reading time: 1 minute
The Human Rights and Democracy Centre
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The Human Rights and Democracy Centre focuses its work in countries suffering under oppressive regimes where human rights are suppressed and civil society is more or less paralyzed. It also operates in the countries in the process of transformation and Czech experience in this can bring inspiration for incipient civil society.

An integral part of our work is to provide help to those who encounter repression and also systematic assistance to active individuals and organisations defending human rights and organising other public activities, which means we often support independent journalists and lawyers.

Working in these countries can be psychologically demanding, but fulfilling at the same time. It requires strong inner motivation and the conviction that the work is meaningful. The members of our team operate at our Prague office with the exception of part of our Latin American programme which is coordinated from our Costa Rica mission. Where circumstances allow, our programme coordinators regularly travel to the countries where their projects are implemented. They bear great responsibility for their work and their project while at the same time there is room for application of their visions and ideas concerning other activities.

Our human rights team is diversified – also in terms of nationality. Our ”lingua franca” is English. 

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