Working in the Varianty Education Programme

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Working in the Varianty Education Programme
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Are you interested in education and the professional growth of educators? Are you a fan of innovation and a school open for everyone, leading its pupils towards global responsibility and respect for others? Are the terms global development education, intercultural education or inclusion familiar to you? Then read on, we might have a job for you.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for unprejudiced colleagues who believe in the potential of every pupil, someone with enthusiasm and a passion for educational activities such as critical thinking, active citizenship, learning about global contexts or project tuition. We welcome everyone who aims at self-development and who sees education as a way of facing challenges presented by the modern, inter-connected world – whether this concerns migration, human rights or ecological problems.

What type of work can you do for us?

At Varianty you can work as a tutor, an education methods specialist, project manager or coordinator. You will share in the preparation and leading of continuing education for educators, methodological material and handbooks for educators, expert meetings, discussions, summer school for teachers or comics competitions for pupils. You may also conduct analyses, produce professional material, coordinate cooperation and communication with other stakeholder s (schools, non-profit organisations, state administration and school operators).

What type of qualifications do you need and what skills should you have?

We employ people mainly with a pedagogical or humanities oriented education who feel comfortable with the creative, informal and inspiring environment of a medium sized team (20 and more employees), the large degree of independence and also the opportunity to put his/her ideas into practice. We also need experienced professionals from the field of adult education or educational psychology. According to the type of position, you will need tuition skills, experience in continuing education for educators, experience in project management, communication and professional insight into various topics. You should have good communication and organisational skills, awareness of the situation in the Czech education system, be PC literate (MS Office) and have at least a basic knowledge of English.

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