Working in One World in Schools programme

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Working in One World in Schools programme
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Are you interested in education and human rights or the Communist era of former Czechoslovakia? Do you like documentary films? Do you think it important for young people to learn to be active citizens with developed media literacy skills? We address all these areas and if these are topics of interest for you too, you are at the right address. 

What do we do?

One World at Schools is one of the educational programmes organised by People in Need. We are working with young people and teachers on a long term basis. We love doing our work and enjoy creating new projects, so you certainly won’t get bored working with us.

We operate the audiovisual portal JSNS.CZ, an educational platform for educators where we offer more than 220 - primarily documentary - films and manual for their

use during lessons. We take care that all materials are usable in practice. We organise regular workshops to help teachers get accustomed to using the materials.

Our other projects include for instance Stories of Injustice – Film Month at Schools or the Media Literacy Weeks campaign.

As well as with teachers we also work with primary and secondary schools pupils. We motivate them towards civil participation – we organise Student’s Election and Looking for LEADr. competition. We support secondary school One World at School Film Clubs and at the end of May we annually award the Gratias Tibi Prize to young people who do not ignore the world around them and try to enrich it in various ways.

What is our team like?

Our team is relatively extensive and comprises people with various types of education and job descriptions. The experience required for a particular position is always described in each individual job listing.

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