North Macedonia

North Macedonia

© Foto: Petr Štefan

While North Macedonia was spared the interethnic violence that erupted in the Balkans following the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992, the country came close to civil war a decade later. The peace deal with Albanian fighters to ensure greater minority representation highlights the vital need for further social inclusion and the integration of socially-excluded communities.

PIN’s work in Eastern Europe, including the Western Balkan, Moldova, Georgia, and Armenia, is grounded in its expertise in state-civil society engagement, social inclusion, stabilisation, and conflict sensitive-programming developed in the post-Soviet context. PIN has applied these approaches to North Macedonia in 2015-16, with our support to local NGOs offering services to groups providing assistance to refugees, and since 2020, by promoting the deinstitutionalisation of people with disabilities.

The North Macedonia program is supervised by PIN’s office in Kosovo.

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