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People in Need has supported human rights in Vietnam since 2015. We concentrate on supporting citizens’ initiatives promoting and defending human rights to increase their efficiency, assist them in gaining the recognition by the local authorities and sustaining their cooperation with organisations abroad.

Our program stands solid on our guiding principles and values. Our program operates under the virtues of equality, tolerance and non-discrimination. We grant special care and protection for the persistently and systematically persecuted and discriminated, including women, LGBTQI+ people, people with mental and physical disabilities, economically devastated people, and indigenous people. We perform our activities under the principle of legal neutrality through which all our work runs on the rationale of international human rights laws and mechanisms to which Vietnam is a state party. To this end, we do not support political parties or politically-affiliated organizations.

In Vietnam, we cooperate primarily with independent groups, including youth-led and youth-centered groups, that promote non-violent approach to exercise and protect human rights. These initiatives may aim to raise awareness in the Vietnamese society about human rights, encourage civic engagement, attempt to conduct dialogues with various authorities and promote equality and tolerance.

We welcome proposals of cooperation for initiatives that align with our stated goals and values. If interested, you can get in touch with us at 

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