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Türkiye has consistently been a host country to one of the biggest populations of refugees and asylum seekers in the world. As of September 2020, over 4 million people are seeking asylum or refuge inside Türkiye – 3.6 million of which are Syrian alone.

Building on PIN’s solid experience in the region, we strive to contribute to the achievement of durable solutions to the refugee community, as well as support the Turkish host community, focusing on assisting the most vulnerable children, women and men.

PIN started operating in Türkiye in 2014, with activity areas being Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Hatay and Kilis provinces. Currently PIN has been exploring more ways to address the needs of vulnerable part of population, building on our global technical experience and existing opportunities in Türkiye, in coordination and cooperation with identified local and international partners, donors and governmental and non-governmental actors. Our projects in Türkiyehope to expand upon the following goals:

  • Protection activities aimed both at refugees under international or temporary protection as well as particularly vulnerable host community members (navigation of legal framework, rising awareness of rights and obligations, improving access to services, mobile outreach, individual protection assistance and other).
  • Sustainable livelihood opportunities as a forward-looking approach to our intervention in Türkiye, with specific focus on women and youth and linked to market trends – from general job navigation support, to market-driven training opportunities and internship programs, formalization of employments, business creation; linking economic growth to environmental sustainability.
  • Social and economic inclusion of marginalized and at-risk communities (minorities, people living with disability, single mothers) as paramount in fulfilling their potential and becoming equal and active members of the society.
  • Social cohesion, dialogue, and peaceful coexistence between Turkish nationals and the refugee community.
  • Climate action and environmental sustainability through exploring innovative approaches to tackling the pressing environmental challenges and mitigating the impacts of climate change, such as job creation in green economy, adopting environmentally friendly approaches in rapid-growth industries, municipality-level green initiatives, and cross-border knowledge transfer.
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