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With a number of political prisoners, persecution of government critics, and the lack of free and fair elections, Azerbaijan ranks among the least free nations in the post-Soviet region.

People in Need has been working in the country since 2013, primarily supporting civil society, encouraging respect for fundamental freedoms, and running educational activities.

In addition, PIN has engaged in public advocacy, calling for improvements to the civil society environment and greater emphasis on human rights.

What can you do to help?

Screen a film to your friends: You are welcome, free of charge, to borrow the documentary Amazing Azerbaijan!, which was part of the One World Film Festival in 2013, and screen it to our friends and acquaintances anywhere you like. There are additional materials that can be downloaded for free as well to help you organise a debate. Get Your Audience!

Become a member of PIN’s Club of Friends

A quarter of all donations to the Club of Friends program goes directly to human rights defenders in the countries where PIN works. In Azerbaijan, the Club of Friends supports political prisoners and their families, as well as other human rights activists who are at risk.

If you are interested in reading more about Azerbaijan, we have more materials available, such as ‘Questions and Answers for the Amazing Azerbaijan documentary’, as well as the ‘How Can I Help’ leaflet.

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