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Azerbaijan is one of the most unfree countries in the world. It remains restrictive and unsafe for human rights activists and critics of the government; such people are persecuted by the government. Journalists, bloggers, members of opposition parties and movements, and religious and anti-war activists are regularly persecuted under bogus charges. Many are incarcerated, where they suffer systemic torture and ill-treatment.

Due to restrictive legislation, NGOs in Azerbaijan can not operate independently, and media freedoms are heavily regulated by the State. Moreover, in Azerbaijani society, violence against women and LGBTQI+ is also a serious problem. Women and LGBTQI+ often experience psychological and physical violence from family members, and usually, only brutal murders reach the courts or the media.

In Azerbaijan, we support civil society, we encourage respect for fundamental freedoms, and we run educational activities for human rights activists. Moreover, we provide psychological, medical and legal support for human rights defenders and political prisoners. We also engage in public advocacy, calling for improvements to the civil society environment and greater emphasis on human rights.

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