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In Zambia, we focus on empowering civil society actors to engage in sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation, environmental protection, and combating malnutrition.

Together with our partners, we concentrate on nature conservation and sustainable farming practices. While enhancing crop yields is a priority, we also fight malnutrition, especially among children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.

At People in Need, we have been supporting Zambian communities in the areas of health and nutrition, access to livelihood opportunities, and clean energy. Additionally, we respond to emergencies and disasters. Working hand in hand with local organisations and authorities, we enhance the resilience of the most vulnerable communities and promote good governance and behaviour change.

In the Western Province, we are focused on promoting biogas technology; this is an environmentally friendly alternative fuel source used in cooking, which reduces the need to cut down trees. Additionally, biogas plants produce eco-fertiliser as a byproduct, which is then used in agriculture significantly improving soil quality. We also teach farmers how to use biochar, a technique that helps retain water in the soil.

Our support in Zambia since 2017

Our assistance in Zambia began in 2017 at which time we focused on supporting the most vulnerable populations facing malnutrition and financial insecurity. We have since worked to enhance access to local markets, enabling residents to become financially self-sufficient and invest in their livelihoods. We have supported primary education through our Let’s Build A School project and pioneered an innovative approach to disseminating information about health and healthy eating habits via mobile phones (mHealth).

Zambia endures high levels of chronic poverty and significant inequality between rich and poor. The nation also grapples with high unemployment, extremely high malnutrition rates, poor infrastructure, and a lack of skilled workforce. Moreover, extreme weather events, such as droughts and floods, are becoming increasingly common due to climate change. We remain committed to helping the Zambian people face and overcome these challenges.

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How we help