Finance Management

Finance Management

People in Need has minimal financial resources available to it on a permanent basis. The vast majority of our funding is raised for particular projects. Nevertheless, we can identify a few of our organization’s main financial resources. The graphs below provide a brief summary of our financial resources and the People in Need budget for 2019. A full overview of all our sources of finance and budgetary information can be found in the Annual Reports section. Internal thematic sector list, used for operations classification in IATI registry can be found here.

Financial Resources in 2019

People In Need’s main sources of income derive primarily from EU funds, the Czech Republic state budget, foreign governments and UN agencies funds, donations from individuals and companies, and funding from other donors or from our own activities. In 2019 PIN raised a total of EUR 92,783,314 from these various sources. Detailed information about financial management can be found in our Annual Report for the year 2019.

Revenues sorted by resource type (€ 92,783,314)

The UN and IOM Agencies
PIN maintains long-term cooperation with the majority of UN agencies. In particular, with WFP – the World Food Programme, UNHCR – the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNDP – the United Nations Development Programme, UNICEF – the United Nations Children’s Fund, etc. This group also includes IOM – the International Organization for Migration, although this organization does not yet have UN agency status.
The Czech Republic and Regional Governments Funds
This resource group comprises subsidies and public procurement from all entities that distribute budgetary funds in the Czech Republic.
Foundations and NGOs
PIN is involved in long-term cooperation with a wide range of foundations and significant non-governmental organizations both from the Czech Republic and abroad. The main foundations funding specific projects include: OSF – the Open Society Fund-Prague, DWHH – Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, IRC – the International Rescue Committee, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the Ford Foundation.
Foreign Governments Funds
This group comprises foreign governments’ funds and resources redistributed by authorized foundations and similar subjects. This group includes, for example NED – the National Endowment for Democracy, the British Council, or MRRD – the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of Afghanistan.
EU Funds
These financial resources are acquired either directly from EU funds, or through EU’s implementation agencies, i.e. including Single Programming Documents (SPD), Operational Programme Human Resources Development (OP HRD), and so on.
Revenues from individuals and companies
This group comprises revenues from public fundraising campaigns, donations from natural persons, donations and other forms of revenues from legal persons not listed above.
Other Revenues
These are revenues that are not included in any of the groups listed above. They are mainly foreign exchange gains, insurance indemnities, sales of our own products and so on.

Overall PIN Expenditures (€ 92,768,408)

PIN’s overall expenditures for 2019 amounted to EUR 92,768,408. The largest amount was spent on development cooperation, emergency relief and rehabilitation. A significant section of resources was allocated to social integration programmes and to support for the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights. Office administration, donor care and other overhead costs accounted for about 7 % of overall expenditure.

Emergency response and development (€ 75,541,279)

Human Rights (€ 3,676,896)

Education and Awareness in Czechia (€ 3,198,868)

Social Work and Counselling in Czechia (€ 3,752,277)

Other (€ 6,599,088)

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