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Yemen continues to face one of the most severe humanitarian crises on the planet, with the situation steadily deteriorating since 2015. Although large-scale conflict has decreased since a truce was signed by warring parties in April 2022, it has not yet resulted in lasting peace. The truce was not renewed after two extensions, leading to renewed fighting and instability once again. The political situation remains fragile, and 4,5 million people are still displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict.

Damaged or destroyed already poor infrastructure, combined with the lack of public resources, left basic services almost non-functional, from schools, hospitals and clinics, to the water or sewage networks, waste management or electricity networks. Moreover, substantial devaluation of the Yemeni Rial contributed to the further worsening of Yemen’s economy and the prices of essential goods and services including food, fuel and healthcare are still increasing. Vulnerable communities across the country are struggling the most, in particular people with disabilities, women and girls who have more limited mobility and thus reduced access to humanitarian assistance. Over 21 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, with 17.7 million requiring protection (UNHCR).

People in Need established its operation in Aden, South of Yemen in early 2022. A key focus is to ensure basic humanitarian and recovery needs of the population affected by the ongoing conflict. PIN focuses on key resilience issues, specifically ensuring access to safe and drinking water, improving hygiene conditions and living environment and promoting of hygiene awareness in schools for host and displaced populations in Lahj Governorate on the southwestern coast. Our activities are performed jointly with our Alliance 2015 partner Welthungerhilfe, a German Non-profit organization.

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