Central Asia

Central Asia


People in Need support human rights defenders, lawyers, activists and members of civil society in Central Asia, where human rights remain threatened in all five of the region’s countries. Apart from belonging to a politically complex region, the countries of Central Asia vary from one another with regard to political, economic and social development. All share the status of "non-free" countries with the exception of Kyrgyzstan, which remains with its "partly free" standing.

People in Need’s support to the afore-mentioned groups includes a direct psychological, legal and medical help, as well as a fellowship opportunity in Prague for young community leaders.

2019 The Emerging Leaders Fellowship (ELF)

Each edition features up to four community leaders from the post-Soviet region who spend ten weeks in Prague to refine their soft-skills and learn about ethical leadership. The program combines theory with hands-on workshops, innovative learning and field-visits. In the 2019 edition of Emerging Leaders Fellowship we had 2 participants from Central Asia.

See the video below and hear from the participants what did this fellowship bring to them.

Tajik lawyer presented with the Homo Homini Award

The 2019 Homo Homini Award was presented on March 5th 2020 at the opening ceremony of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival One World. Homo Homini was awarded to Tajik lawyer Buzurgmehr Yorov for his commitment to defending basic human rights and his efforts to secure due process for all citizens of Tajikistan.

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