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The most significant aspect of our current programme in Moldova consists of support to regional and national media actors. We support both local newsrooms and prominent national media with reach beyond Moldova's borders and international recognition.

Our horizontal approach means that all our project participants are treated as partners. We value and respect them, as they are among the most critical drivers of democratic change in Moldova. Moldova's independent media have consistently provided vital information on corruption, violations of the rule of law, and misuse of power in the country. Their work has contributed to Moldovans voting pro-democratically in presidential and parliamentary elections and reducing oligarchic influence on Moldovan politics.

In our work, we tackle the majority of the negative aspects that independent media in Moldova encounter in their work. The issues we tackle include security threats, lack of financial resources t (related to the sharp decline of the advertisement market and energy crisis), lack of human resources, and increased disinformation. Through several tailored capacity development programmes, we have contributed to advancing knowledge and skills in content creation, managerial skills, technological adaptation and countering disinformation, thus minimising Russia’s malign influence on Moldovan society

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