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Kosovo is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Since declaring independence in 2008, its uncertain political status has precluded the development of the country. Industry is not developed in the country, and agriculture has been developed only to a small extent. Previously developed commerce has been complicated by strained relations with Serbia, which does not recognise Kosovo’s independence. 

People in Need’s activities in Kosovo have a long tradition. The organisation came to the region during the armed conflict in 1998 and provided humanitarian aid to refugees and people affected by the war. During that time, the SOS Kosovo collection campaign also took place in the Czech Republic and it awakened great interest among the public. After the end of armed clashes, People in Need focused mainly on the reconstruction of schools and health facilities in Kosovo. In 2002, we suspended our activities in Kosovo, but returned to the country eight years later.

From 2017 to 2019, PIN also embarked on an initiative to empower youth through human rights education. The teaching methodology involved using documentary movies and other audio-visual materials as a means to raise awareness about human rights.

Today, PIN’s activities aim at supporting the most vulnerable groups of society. As such, PIN works with organisations for the blind and deaf and children with Autism. Moreover, PIN supports all people with disabilities and promotes inclusive education for children from minority backgrounds.

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