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In Georgia, we help develop civil society and support local NGOs. We also strive to enhance the education system and the status of Ukrainian refugees. With the help of Local Action Groups, we contribute to the development of rural areas and support business and sustainable tourism.

We provide comprehensive support to Ukrainian war refugees through projects like SOS Ukraine and Resilient Civil Society and Media Respond to the Ukraine War, funded by DG Near and Building Children's Resilience Through Knowledge and Social Skills in cooperation with the Lichtenstein Office for Foreign Affairs.

These projects offer Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) for various needs, such as medical, children, and rental assistance, demonstrating our commitment to assisting those in need. We provide psychosocial support for refugees and refugee children in child-friendly spaces in Zugdidi and Poti. Additionally, we support national and Ukrainian civil society organisations (CSOs).

Furthermore, through the OWIS component of the DG Near project, we empower organisations with media literacy skills, enabling refugees to access accurate information amidst the complexities of the hybrid war. Through these endeavours, we strive to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve, ensuring that our efforts contribute to positive change and sustainable development in Georgia.

We focus on youth initiatives or NGOs in the regions which support civil society. Many public schools in regions throughout Georgia started to use documentaries in schools and teach media literacy.

Our support in Georgia since 2005

We have been working in Georgia since 2005. At that time, we founded Local Action Groups through which many small businesses and projects in education and tourism evolved. We also focused on agriculture, working with cheese producers, beekeepers, and winemakers. We share best practices with farmers, help them gain necessary resources, encourage them to cooperate to produce higher-quality agricultural products, and we established collective farms that employ thousands of people. We also focused on improving social services and enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities.

Over the years, we have dedicated efforts to support marginalised groups, such as youth with disabilities, and advocated for the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Additionally, we have led campaigns on crucial issues like credit and labour rights, advocating for fair treatment and equal opportunities for all members of society.

Georgia has been coping with the implications of civil war and conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, an unstable political situation and a high level of unemployment. Due to the flow of people from Ukraine and Russia after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prices of goods have been significantly rising.

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