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Immediately after the collapse of the USSR, Georgia was ravaged by civil war and then by conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the consequences of which are still reverberating throughout the country. Other issues the country has to face include political instability, long-term emigration and high rates of unemployment. People in Need has been operating in Georgia since 2005 and has managed to establish dozens of farmers ́co-ops, providing livelihoods and jobs for thousands of people.

In Georgia we provide long-term support in the field of agriculture, which is the main source of livelihood to the majority of the population. We help small farmers gain additional knowledge, skills and funds, and teach them to collaborate with each other in order to achieve agricultural production of better quality.

We provide field social work in rural areas, aimed at supporting vulnerable and socially excluded people, such as people with disabilities, the long-term unemployed or refugees.

We also help develop the incipient civil society and outdated education system. We empower young people’s initiatives and regional non-profit organizations, and their collaboration with local authorities. In addition, we educate the public on current global issues relating to society. Hundreds of schools started to use documentary films during lessons.

Initially, People in Need focused on preventing illegal migration and supporting businesses in the Tkibuli region. Over the years, the organization expanded its portfolio of projects to other regions as well, especially in rural areas in the west of the country. After the end of the conflict in August 2008, we became engaged in immediate humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons from South Ossetia.

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