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People in Need started to offer assistance to socially excluded individuals and families in 1999. Since then we have been providing social consultation and educational services for people in disadvantaged localities. We operate in 13 regions - we provide a broader range of services in seven of them, and in six regions we provide debt counselling or other field social work. In addition to direct assistance to specific people, we have long been involved in analytical activities, especially in the area of debt.

Consultations for adults

We offer different types of social services to individuals and whole families who are unable to cope with their own efforts:

In addition to immediate help, we aim to ensure that our support leads to the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills. We want the people we work with to gain self-confidence and be able to set their affairs in the future.

Consultations for children and youth

The children we work with are mainly linked to the low education of their parents. Which we help overcome by offering:

Analytic work

In recent years, we have been working mainly on identifying the causes of extreme indebtedness of the Czech society and their elimination. From our fieldwork, we know that unmanaged debts often stand at the beginning of a journey that brings people to our office.

We participated in the amendment of the Enforcement Proceedings Code, which brought the most significant modification of the functioning of enforcement proceedings in recent years. We are working on an amendment to the Insolvency Act that could give a large number of hopelessly over-indebted people a chance to "start again". We are also fighting against child debts (zadluzenedeti.cz).

We are continuously engaged in systemic change, especially in communication with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

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