On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, attacking cities in the country’s north, east, and south. Millions of people were forced to flee from their homes, seeking safety in western Ukraine and neighbouring countries, and thousands of civilians have been killed. The Russian invasion has caused an enormous humanitarian crisis and swept a massive wave of refugees across Europe. The war has also disrupted Ukrainian grain exports to the Middle East and Africa.

Immediately after the invasion, we began providing humanitarian aid throughout Ukraine and helping refugees who were arriving in the Czech Republic by the tens of thousands.

We are currently operating in the west and east of Ukraine, where we send trains and trucks with humanitarian aid and where 190 members of our team are working. We are also helping to manage the influx of Ukrainians to neighbouring countries, especially Moldova. In the Czech Republic, we assist Ukrainians in integrating into Czech society by helping them find accommodation, work, and schools for their children. All of this is possible thanks to the massive support of our donors, who have donated around CZK 2 billion to our SOS Ukraine emergency appeal.

"We have experience of working in the east of the country, we have been there since in 2014. We were therefore prepared, and at the same time, we pulled out all the stops and began providing massive amounts of assistance directly in Ukraine, on its borders with friendly neighbours, and also at home," says Šimon Pánek, Director of People in Need.

We have been working in eastern Ukraine since 2014—not only in the humanitarian field but also in the education of young people and the economic development of agricultural areas. But after the invasion of February 2022, most projects there were suspended or changed to humanitarian aid provision.

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We have so far provided more than half a billion crowns worth of aid to victims of the war in Ukraine. Our Ukraine team has grown to 190 colleagues working to help people in the affected areas. Thanks to our partner organisations, we have delivered humanitarian aid to shelled towns in eastern Ukraine and thousands of litres of drinking water to villages around the front line. In western Ukraine, we are equipping centres for internally displaced people, and across the country, we are distributing individual financial aid to help keep the local economy going. In total, we have helped more than 260,000 people in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began.

Map of aid in Ukraine and the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, we are helping Ukrainians, as well as local governments in 10 regions, to find accommodation, process documents, provide health care, and currently engage Ukrainian high school students in education. We organise and coordinate assistance in refugee centres in Plzeň, Klatovy, Tachov, Karlovy Vary and Beroun, and we are opening another one in Olomouc. We also deal with dozens of new applications and longer-term cases on our helpline each day. You can reach the helpline at +420 770 600 800. We also run an information site in Ukrainian for new arrivals.

Following our SOS Ukraine emergency appeal, people and companies have contributed around CZK 2 billion to help victims of war. In total, we have secured more than half a billion crowns worth of aid.

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