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Plzeň Region

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Our Plzeň branch was established in 2005. The purpose of our work locally is to organise the activities offered by People in Need in the Plzeň Region, where we operate in the following locations: Plzeň, Rokycany, Nýřany, Stod, Dobřany, Horní Bříza, Stříbro, Tachov, Bor u Tachova, Klatovy, Janovice nad Úhlavou, Domažlice and Poběžovice. The core of the work of the Plzeň branch is to provide social integration services to people in disadvantaged life situations. We also implement informational projects, educational and cultural activities for the public.

Supporting children

We dedicate much of our energy to children and young people. For the youngest, we run a pre-school club, where we prepare them for a successful entry into elementary school. For those who already attend school and need support for various reasons, we offer individual or group tutoring. And for the oldest we have career guidance.

Supporting adults

A substantial part of our work involves helping people in difficult life situations who cannot escape them on their own. Within our individual consultation service, we offer help to people looking housing, we also offer employment counselling, help with communication with the authorities, etc. Our family consultation service focuses on provision of comprehensive services for families with children, to help solve relationship issues, distressing life situations or provide free-time activities to families with children. 

To help people escape the debt trap, we offer debt advice. We are also involved in helping crime victims and under our resocialisation programmes we try to assist the successful return of people leaving correctional facilities. This branch provides a related service in the form of prevention activities, especially informational campaigns.

Cooperation with local government

The Plzeň branch also tries to collaborate with the local government and participate in the formation of social policies for the region. An example of our successful collaboration is the recent update of the analysis socially marginalised localities, commissioned by the Plzeň Region. Through collaboration with local organisations and institutions we try to participate in the creation of a social environment in which everyone has an equal chance to improve their social status, even people who have been marginalised for any reason.

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