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The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy—People in Need is dedicated to supporting people and organisations that face persecution and harassment for their views or activities in countries with repressive regimes.

We work in countries with dictatorships and countries where the experience of transition to democracy is similar to that of the Czech Republic. We currently work in 18 countries and regions: in Eastern Europe (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine), Central Asia, Latin America (Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras, and Nicaragua), North Africa (Egypt, Libya) and Southeast Asia (Vietnam).

In the past, we have also worked with independent journalists and members of civil society in Russia and Burma.

Our main activities

  • Direct assistance to the politically persecuted. In 2021 alone, we helped 726 people—lawyers, independent journalists, bloggers, students, and activists—who were sanctioned in their countries, as well as ordinary citizens whose rights are violated due to the dysfunction of the rule of law or the arbitrariness of local authorities.
  • Capacity building and support for civil society organisations and activities. In 2021, we oversaw a total of 188 projects and grants in target countries.
  • Advocacy activities to promote human rights. We engage in various activities to draw attention to human rights violations worldwide and find broader public support for their protection. For example, we regularly visit institutions and hold meetings to inform domestic and global experts and politicians about the situation in our target countries.

We are a member of Lifeline, a consortium of seven NGOs supporting human rights organisations and activists worldwide who face restrictions from their governments.

We also present the annual Homo Homini Human Rights Award and host the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Here you can download the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy leaflet.

Where we helped in 2022:

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How we help

Where we help