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The primary goal of People in Need's Centre for Human Rights and Democracy is to support independent individuals and groups in countries with repressive regimes who are the target of persecution, harassment, or arrests because of their opinions or activities, and to strengthen civil society in countries that are going through democratic transformation.

We have focused our work on authoritarian and transforming regimes since the 1990s. We are currently cooperating with our partners in Eastern Europe (Armenia, Azerbaijan, BelarusMoldova (Transnistria) and Ukraine), Central AsiaLatin America (Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras and Nicaragua), Egypt, Libya and Vietnam. In the past we have also supported civil society in Russia, Belarus and Myanmar.

Our main activities

  • Direct aid to politically persecuted individuals and their families: In 2018 we provided aid to 681 people, including lawyers, independent critical journalists, bloggers, students, and activists who care about the fate of their country, who believe in basic human values, and who are as a result persecuted in their country, as well as ordinary citizens whose rights are violated due to the lack of a functioning legal state or the despotism of local authorities.
  • Capacity building for civil society organisations and support for their activities: In 2018 we provided aid to 385 civil society representatives; lawyers, critical journalists, independent activists, and NGOs.
  • Advocacy of human rights: We conduct various activities to draw attention to human rights abuses and to obtain broader political support for protecting these rights.

PIN is a member of the Lifeline consortium of seven NGOs that focus on providing support to embattled civil society organisations and individuals in repressive environments.

We also bestow the annual Homo Homini Award for brave individuals and organize the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Download the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy leaflet here.

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