Teacher Training Curriculum - Myanmar (Burmese)

People in need

သင္ယူေဝမွ် အတူတက

Teacher Training Curriculum is a one of the key components of the People in Need’s peace education curriculum “Learn and Share Together” covering  a range of topics, such as cooperation and active citizenship, culture and community, respect for diversity, inclusive community, human needs and human dignity, empathy, non-violent communication, win-win solutions to disagreements and consensus building etc. The whole curriculum has been designed jointly with local organisations Nyein (Shalom) Foundation and Youth Learning Center (YLC), aiming to nurture peaceful personal attitudes, behaviours, skills and capacities and to contribute to building a harmonious society in Myanmar. It consists of three key components: Toolkit for Communities, Toolkit for Teachers and a Student Book targeting middle school students between the ages of 10-14.