Georgia: Social Inclusion and Protection

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Georgia has been tackling social problems as local authorities do not have qualified employees able to provide quality social services. The scheme of financial assistance for vulnerable people is ineffective as well. Therefore, we support coordination between the government, authorities, and local initiatives to create effective social services together. Apart from consulting services, we provide retraining courses and support the establishment of new social enterprises. At the same time, we aim to dispel false myths about socially excluded people through documentary films.  

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Ongoing aid

Support for vulnerable groups and their integration into society

Support for vulnerable groups and their integration into society

Enhancing the participation of regional CSOs in policy dialogue on social inclusion in Georgia is supported from the European Union and Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is active in four municipalities of Georgia. The main aim of the project intervention is to empower the active citizens and facilitate their dialogue with municipalities in order to create better social services. The projects are implemented by civil society organizations and local governmental bodies and are focused on the development of long-term social services for children, youth, IDPs, elderly, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, in order to improve the quality of their lives.

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