Ukraine: Education & Skills

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The war in Ukraine has created a generation of conflict-affected youth with limited economic opportunities within the region. Unemployment is high in the country leaving many people to move elsewhere for work. In collaboration with local universities, we are establishing “Career Advising Centers” where we train young people to be better prepared for their vocation in the hopes that they will be able to find work where they live as opposed to leaving the country for work.

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Education and Skills

Education and Skills

We are exposing and train youth for employment, potentially linked with business networks as we can see that this will be important part of the catalysing of the economic transformation and presumably stemming youth migration in this region. Revitalized career development centers at universities and other institutes of higher education will actively promote skills required to launch the careers of students. It may also play a positive motivational role among the youth prevention and the migration of social cohesion-especially for internally displaced people seeking to resettle or return to their former communities.

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