A Liquid Lifeline: Bringing Water to Konga

Published: Oct 10, 2019 Reading time: 1 minute
A Liquid Lifeline: Bringing Water to Konga
© Foto: People in Need

Clean water is a fundamental human need. In rural Ethiopia, we’re helping to meet this need with new drinking-water wells.

The ongoing displacement crisis in Ethiopia’s Gedeo Zone has made life difficult for thousands of people. In the village of Konga, for instance, the education of more than 1,500 children was put on hold when a similar number of internally-displaced people sought refuge in their school after fleeing violence. Soon, the school turned into a make-shift IDP camp.

To ease the suffering, and to help the community cope with the influx of people, we constructed water wells and launched an awareness program to educate on proper hygiene and sanitation.


Today, the IDPs have moved on and school has resumed. But thanks to funding from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the wells continue to serve the needs of the people of Konga.

Autor: People in Need

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