A new International Cooperation Bill (PLCI) puts NGOs at risk in Venezuela

Published: Jun 28, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
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The PLCI, Proyecto de Ley de Cooperación Internacional, incites terror in NGOs for their possible persecution by the government.

“Currently, there is a draft of the PLCI bill circulating in Venezuela that plans to redefine how international cooperation operates within the country, with the aim of criminalizing civil society organizations for receiving international funding. It is a direct threat to organized civil societies that will affect their work with vulnerable groups, human rights protections, and training and development, all of which are not aligned with the views of the government,” according to Derechos Digitales.

According to Human Rights Watch, “This bill seeks to reinterpret the definition of international cooperation towards the ideological, political, and/or economics of the national government, leaving out essential concepts such as human rights and humanitarian aid. Simultaneously, the intention to control and punish any person or organization that is not subject to its interpretation is clear, which includes the entire national civil society and international organizations. Additionally, if the bill is not adapted, there is a possibility of nullifying existing obligations and commitments of the State with international cooperation organizations.” 

Within the framework of this bill, a webinar called “Closure of Civic Space in Venezuela: Repression, Criminalization, and Social Control” is being held on June 29, 2022 to discuss it further. You can register for it here.  

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