Braving the harsh Armenian winters gets easier with support from People in Need

Published: Feb 16, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
Braving the harsh Armenian winters gets easier with support from People in Need
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People affected by conflict try to overcome a number of hardships in life, stand on their own two feet, and move forward. In Armenia, heating their homes becomes an issue for many during the harsh winter months.

Since 2020, People in Need has worked to provide relief aid to those affected by conflict. This support is possible with funding from the European Union.

To keep homes warm in colder temperatures, around 500 families have been supplying with eco-friendly heating briquettes and 200 families have been receiving winterization kits. Additionally, PIN is helping 2000 displaced households with utility support subsidies.

Lusine, based in Kharberd, Ararat region, moved here from Goghtanik, Lachin district. She is doing what she can to adapt to the new living conditions. Her children are attending school. Her husband and elder son, Vigen, are both employed. They live together, pursuing a better life: “Having our own house is what I want the most. If there is a house, we will move. The rest can be overcome”.

The severe cold can become unbearable in their current home: “Before we received the briquettes, we spent 500.000AMD [around 900 EUR] on wood last year. The briquettes are of great help to us. They burn very well,” says Lusine.

Haykuhi is one of the other recipients of aid in the region. Her family moved to Armenia from the village of Suz in the Qashatagh District, leaving their newly-built house in Nagorno Karabakh.

Despite the bad living conditions, Haykuhi wants to create stability for her children while giving them time to adapt to their new environment.

The briquettes received from People in Need provide much-needed support to the family of five children, helping them to mitigate harsh living conditions.

Autor: Elma Vardanyan

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