Career Counselling that Includes Trips to the Brdy Mountains and Kunsthalle Prague

Published: Dec 2, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
Career Counselling that Includes Trips to the Brdy Mountains and Kunsthalle Prague
© Foto: Michaela Zítková

During the school year, career counselors from People in Need work with young people in Kladno and Beroun to motivate them to continue with their studies and really become active participants in labour market.

"Career counselling isn’t just about school. It's about having someone who you trust and with whom you can discuss anything, not just school-related stuff," says Maruška, a career counsellor based in Kladno.

Our counsellors are even in contact with students over the summer holidays. In addition to conversations about studies, tutoring, admissions and graduation exams, we help young people navigate more personal topics, for instance, relationships, growing up, work, etc.

Every summer, we prepare events and activities for students in Beroun and Kladno. Read on to learn more about what we did this past summer. 

New experiences can help people grow

“Many of [the students] have never experienced the things that we offer them as part of our activities. Either due to financial constraints or because they simply aren’t around people who spend their free time in this way,” says Michaela, career counsellor from Beroun. 

Even despite the fact that many of the students have part-time jobs during the summer and not much free time, we have been able to organise things like, for example, a barbecue and a group sleepover held in the backyard of our office in Kladno.

Additional interviews with students revealed their desire to visit some sort of exhibition or to take a field trip to an interesting destination in the countryside. Based on these answers, our counsellors took students on a hike in the Brdy Mountains and also visited Kunsthalle Prague (an art centre located in the country's capital). 

"Every new activity can help a person grow. Thanks to these shared experiences, we're able to establish a deeper bond and the children open up to us more," reflects Michaela. 

Maruška also adds: “For the children, we are often the only adult around. We are the ones who motivate them and tell them they can do it. That they can be anything. We are their anchors. In the words of one of the students: we’re like a cup of morning coffee that immediately makes the day better.”

Autor: Michaela Zítková, Mária Siváková and Kateřina Volfová

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