Children Take Part in Summer Camp Supported by People in Need

Published: Sep 27, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
Children Take Part in Summer Camp Supported by People in Need
© Lucie Mannová

During the second week of August this year, PIN helped run a camp for older children in the Czech Republic. Fifteen kids, who regularly come to People in Need’s Cultural Community Centres or study with us as part of our educational support programs, took part in a week-long camp full of fun outings, challenging hikes and entertaining games this summer.

On the very first day, the kids headed over to the rope obstacle course in Vysočany. The children learned, not only how to climb, but also to work together and trust one another, as they had to use the climbing equipment to secure each other from relatively great heights. Additionally, the kids tested their mental and physical endurance while overcoming various obstacles there, as well as navigating the challenging monkey bars.

The next day, the group headed by train to Říčany to swim in a lake. Those who got tired of the water also had opportunities to play beach volleyball and other games on the shore.

On Wednesday, the group headed to Pilsen where they visited the Techmania Science Center and saw various interactive exhibits. Techmania is huge and it’s possible to spend the whole day there. The children were most interested in the station where they could test how fast they could run and if they were faster than a dog or a tiger.

Thursday was a rest day. The team stayed in Prague and played football and learned how to juggle. Some children learned the basics of juggling very quickly – a hidden talent, perhaps? After physical activities, the kids exercised their minds. A PIN employee, an art therapy lecturer, prepared a relaxing lesson for the children giving them a chance to explore their emotions. The children were asked to draw what “anger” looks like. They also explored the idea of being annoyed or irritated at someone or something and possible strategies to cope with those feelings of anger and irritation. 

On the final day, the whole camp headed to a climbing centre and tried to climb a massive climbing wall together. It was tough! The day ended with a general knowledge trivia quiz for both parents and their children and photos, as well as final thoughts about the week. 

The summer city camp was made possible thanks to support from OP PPR (Operační program Peníze pro Prahu – Money for Operational Programme Prague) project Má komunita, mí lidé II (My Community, My People II) and also from private donors. Thank you all very much!!

Autor: Kateřina Fuksová and Lucie Mannová

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