Come to Syunik - The Southern gates of Armenia

Published: Jan 21, 2019 Reading time: 1 minute
Come to Syunik - The Southern gates of Armenia
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Have you ever considered hiking in Armenia? Do you know where the best hiking trails are? The newly mapped trail spans more than 250 kilometres!

To boost tourism, the economy and employment in the Syunik region of Armenia, People in Need has launched a project to develop a tourist trail called the “Trail of Saved Manuscripts”. The route will span approximately 250 km and facilitate exploration of many of the area’s impressive natural and heritage sites. Development of this trail will promote alternative, eco-friendly tourism in this area, which focuses on the rural communities inhabiting the area, enabling them to benefit sustainably from the growing influx of tourists, particularly through employment.

Learn more about EU4Tourism: Outdoor adventures on historic trails in Syunik - HERE.

Author: Člověk v tísni

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