Debt Analysis

Published: May 30, 2017 Reading time: 4 minutes
Debt analysis
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Based on our long experience as social service providers, it is clear that debts are one of the main factors that prevent successful restart in life. Being in debt does not apply only to the very poorest; more and more people from the middle classes also fall into the debt trap. The number of bailiff property seizures has grown enormously over the past few years, at present court bailiffs have 4.5 million cases underway against more than 800,000 people (April 2017).

For this reason, in addition to our work in the field we attempt to analyse the reasons for this situation and use the data to move for a necessary change in the system. On this page you will find the most recent findings in the area of debt that we shared in establishing. You can also follow our Facebook page RozhodneNe, which addresses the issue of being in debt.

Debt advisor: It is the creditors’ own responsibility who they provide money or services to. They shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome

Would you lend money to any friend, or just to certain one? Why has it come about that companies and banks in the Czech Republic are not particular who they provide a loan to? Because it was worth it. More in an interview for Czech Radio Plus with our organisation’s analyst, Daniel Hůle.

I’ll lend you a hundred, you give me two hundred back

A lengthy analysis of when and why a loan becomes immoral. And why the plight of debtors at the hands of loan sharks in the Czech Republic has become unsustainable. Article of 8. 4. 2017 in the Saturday supplement to Lidové noviny, Orientace.

We have a problem: the bailiffs

Reply by analyst and head of the debt advice programme, Daniel Hůle, to the column penned by former minister of justice, Daniela Kovářová, which was published in Lidové noviny on 6 May. novinách.

Distraint map

At the beginning of April, Otevřená společnost published a map of distraint orders which maps in detail how many people are facing distraint by Region, county and municipality. We very much welcome this noble act.

TZ: People in Need and Transparency International: Members of parliament, accept the principle of bailiff territoriality

A bill for a system of automatic allocation of bailiffs by the court, known as territoriality, which would solve so many current problems is “parked” in the lower chamber. Our joint press release of 22 March calls for this situation to be rectified.

The act won’t get rid of loan sharks with baseball bats, according to an expert. But hundreds of unfair firms will disappear

Interview analyst, Daniel Hůle about what the new Consumer Loans Act will mean. Will it purge the grey zone? Mightn’t it push debtors into the black zone? Will disadvantaged people still be able to get a small loan?

Who should supervise non-bank entities? Answer from the Vice-Governor of the Czech National Bank

A debate is raging in Lidové noviny between PIN analyst Daniel and Vice-Governor of the Czech National Bank, Mojmír Hampl. The topic of their polemics is supervision of non-bank entities offering consumer loans. Such supervision is governed by the Consumer Loans Act which puts this duty into the hands of CNB. Daniel Hůle is extremely content with this, while the central bank is not so keen.

If regulation is to be effective, CNB must oversee the ENTIRE loan provider market

An open letter calling on members of parliament to keep Czech National Bank supervision over the non-bank sector in the Consumer Loans Act.

Blog: Will MPs smother bailiff territoriality?

Territoriality of bailiffs is a term we have heard repeatedly in connection with debt recovery over the past years. Most bailiffs, or the less influential of them, are in favour, while the more influential minority is against, and until now the head of the chamber of bailiffs has been in two minds. Creditors are against, because restriction of fierce competition would reduce revenues and also communication with a single bailiff is simpler for them. Meanwhile, free competition between bailiffs that applies in this country is literally unique in the EU…

Blog: Němec’s bailiff legacy

“Only the current minister of justice introduced form-based complaints which radically reduced lawyer fees. The debt recovery lobby countered with the myth that it would mean that minor debts would cease to be recoverable and services will no longer be available and that the end of the world will come. But debts are still being recovered, services provided and the world carries on as normal,” writes in his blog, Daniel Hůle, People in Need analyst.

Don’t waver in limiting the bailiffs, analyst appeals to Pelikán

In an interview, Daniel Hůle defends introduction of territoriality for bailiffs which would, in his opinion, restrict the aggressive practices of certain bailiffs.

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