Following the people of Taiwan’s donation of $1 million to People in Need to help Ukrainian refugees, Taiwan's foreign minister paid a visit to the organisation on Wednesday, June 14th

Published: Jun 15, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
A group photo featuring The Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Joseph Wu and his wife, People in Need Director, Šimon Pánek; Head of Assistance Programmes for Ukrainian Refugees in the Czech Republic, Zuzana Ramajzlová and the Ukrainian choir from Pilsen, Naděje (Hope)
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The Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Mr. Joseph Wu, visited the Prague office of People in Need's Social and Educational Programmes during his planned visit to Prague. He also met with the Director of People in Need, Šimon Pánek, and a group of young Ukrainian refugees.

Last year, the people of Taiwan donated $1 million to People in Need to help war refugees from Ukraine. This money is being used to support the education and integration of Ukrainian children in Czech schools, the operation of seven adaptation groups, additional social counselling support and a newly developed psychosocial support programme.

"The donation from the people of the Republic of Taiwan helps us tremendously in our work supporting Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic. We have used it to develop our work in education, establishing several adaptation groups for preschool-aged children and a range of other assistance services, including social counselling and psychosocial support. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome Mr. Wu," comments Zuzana Ramajzlová, Head of Assistance Programmes for Ukrainian Refugees in the Czech Republic.  

Minister Wu emphasized that since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Taiwan has joined the ranks of the international community to condemn the invasion and jointly sanction Russia; Our government and the people of Taiwan directly provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian cities and cooperate with like-minded partners in the Czech Republic in assisting the resettlement of refugees.

Minister Wu also highlighted that the people of Taiwan and the government will continue to provide assistance and try their best to cooperate with the Czech Republic to support Ukraine until the invaders are out of the country.

In the Czech Republic, People in Need aids and supports Ukrainian refugees in 80 cities around the Czech Republic. We also offer financial assistance to 116 organisations providing similar life-saving assistance. In sum, we’ve helped nearly a quarter of a million refugees since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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