Helping the people of the Republic of Moldova cope with the energy crisis and increasing prices

Published: Oct 24, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
Helping the people of the Republic of Moldova cope with the energy crisis and increasing prices
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For many Moldovans, the energy crisis and price increases have made it impossible to secure even basic food or essential medicines. We are helping Moldovans who need it to cope with this situation and the approaching winter. 

Although prices of goods are rising, pensions and salaries in Moldova remain very low. In addition, the energy crisis has negatively affected the living situation of a large part of the population. People often cannot buy basic food—bread and milk—or necessary medicines.

"I used to have a pension of 1,200 lei (€60), then 1,300 lei (€67), and now I get 1,500 lei (€77). However it is still not enough," says Eleonora.

In addition to its regular activities, the Business Women's Association of municipality Bălți (A.O. Asociația Femeilor de Afaceri din mun. Bălți, AFA) also helps vulnerable populations in the area within the framework of the EU-funded project 'Supporting Vulnerable Populations Affected by The Energy Crisis'. The organisation runs a social canteen which cooks hot lunches for the elderly, people with disabilities, or families with several children. Elderly people form one of the most vulnerable groups because they often have no one to take care of them or buy them basic food, and some of them are bedridden. Elderly people are grateful for every visitor that comes to them and are very happy to talk.

One of the families we help is the family of Adriana. She, along with her husband and seven children, receives regular lunches from AFA. "They bring us seven portions, one each for the children, and my husband and I have what is left over. This is how it works for us," says Adriana, who has to provide for the family's needs with the money she saves.

Response to the energy shortcuts

Selected households have received financial assistance of 1,000 lei (€50). Beneficiaries who, due to their high levels of vulnerability, cannot afford to cover their energy needs independently will be provided with heating materials for the winter. The project also supports local organisations and initiatives that provide social services such as lunch, hygiene supplies or transport. One of them is AFA from Bălți. In addition to the aid detailed above, a study on household indebtedness in the context of the energy crisis is also underway. In total, the project will help more than 46,000 households (133,400 people) and support at least 27 organisations in Moldova.

The EU-funded project 'Supporting Vulnerable Populations Affected by The Energy Crisis' is aimed at helping vulnerable populations – children, teenagers, seniors, homeless people and people with special needs – in the town of Bălți and the surrounding villages of Falesti, Floresti and Singerei.

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