Mongolia calls on the global community to fight climate change in a powerful new film

Published: Nov 1, 2021 Reading time: 3 minutes
Mongolia calls on the global community to fight climate change in a powerful new film
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Over the past two decades, the skies and land have quite literally been changing in Mongolia -- forcing families from their ancestral lands and into urban settings. For the tens of thousands of Mongolian families left behind and left vulnerable due to the frequency of dzuds, droughts, desertification, and wildfires, climate change is not a distant reality but a present one. 

“Changing Skies” is a mini-documentary film that aims to shed light on the stories of Mongolian activists, children, and decision-makers who are acting to halt climate change and air pollution. For decades, Mongolians have been on the frontlines of the dual climate and air pollution crisis.

The film -- released during the global climate summit in Glasgow -- spotlights the concerns and challenges that many Mongolians are facing from the perspectives of many community members, especially children. One such child, Anu-Ujin, a bright air pollution and climate change activist, reminds adults through an emotional plea of their responsibility to protect our world.

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“I don’t believe that I am the only one with this fear. I think every child in the world has the same fear. But even though we are afraid, we the children must take action,” said Anu-Ujin, an activist with UNICEF’s YOUCAN programme. “We the children have the power, we the children can do it, we the children can take part and I believe our voices can change the world.”

The “Changing Skies” film, featuring Anu-Ujin and other community leaders from Mongolia, aims to galvanize global attention and support for climate change action. To move beyond just words, but call on governments and businesses to take steps towards investments and policy change. As discussions get underway in Glasgow, this film aims at amplifying some of the voices that are often missing from the negotiating table -- like our children and young people.

“There is no doubt that the climate crisis is a child rights crisis. It affects all aspects of their lives,” said Dr. Speciose Hakizimana, UNICEF Representative in Mongolia. “The global community must see that, and they must come together to address the climate change challenges not only for ourselves but for our youngest citizens. Many countries like Mongolia cannot do it alone, therefore UNICEF is asking, pleading countries to join the effort.”

A recent report on climate change by a consortium of scientists from across the world makes an urgent call to governments and communities to take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gases and other harmful practices to our environment.

Jointly produced by Asher Svidensky and People In Need INGO, the film combines powerful imagery and emotion in the form of testimonials from a variety of Mongolia’s citizens. The film was supported and financed by the Government of Mongolia along with UNICEF Mongolia, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and the European Union.



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