Our project Chitanda is improving the agricultural production and nutrition of families in Angola

Published: Oct 28, 2022 Reading time: 1 minute
Distribution of seeds and motorbikes by the Chitanda project in Jamba-Huila municipality, Angola
© Foto: Edson Malongo

Certain agricultural methods in Angola undermine agriculture production's resilience since they rely heavily on unsustainable land use. There's also a need to improve the awareness of good nutrition, water sanitation and hygiene practices (WASH), and an understanding of dietary diversity.

The project Chitanda (a word in the Umbundu language meaning 'market' or 'market product') tackles these key challenges through training, Farmer Field Schools support, and distribution of tools, seeds, fertilisers, and other materials to farmers.

Since 2020, People in Need has distributed 7 tonnes of seeds (cereals, legumes, and tubers), 215kg of vegetable seeds, 5 tonnes of fertilisers to increase local production, and 800 fruit trees to diversify the diet of the people living in regions where we work. Furthermore, farmers will also get hoses and motor pumps to facilitate irrigation and cars to transport produce from the fields to major markets in Huila province. 

We support more than 8 field schools with training in land preparation, soil fertility, planting, harvesting, and storage for the poorest families.

The Chitanda project is implemented by PIN and Solidarity and Development Action (ASD) in the municipalities of Jamba and Chicomba, Huila province. It has the financial support of the European Union, managed by the Camões Institute through the FRESAN programme. 

Autor: People in Need

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