Our Vision and Values

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Our vision is a world in which people can freely make decisions about their lives. A world in which people are not restricted by an unfree society, poverty, lack of education or discrimination.
What we do?

We assist people in need - the victims of natural catastrophes or armed conflicts. We support the fight against poverty and lack of education, local development, civil society and the principles of good governance. We assist people in exercising their freedom and fighting discrimination. We enforce the principle of human rights and liberties and support environmental approaches. At the same time, we constructively take part in the development of the Czech Republic, the changing Europe and implement the idea of human solidarity and co-responsibility at a universal level.

Our Valuees:

Freedom and democracy - We believe in participatory democracy and will work to promote a democratic environment for citizen’s voices and actions. We value diversity of opinion, freedom of expression and open debate, and will promote these values at all levels.

Impartiality and neutrality – Assistance is not provided based on race, religious affiliation or nationality, but on the basis of needs and the chance of it working efficiently. Our activities are not driven by the interests of any other institution and we do not work in support of military, political or religious aims. We profess compliance with the international document of The Code of Conduct that elaborates on some of the principles that follow.

Responsibility and transparency – We acknowledge and hold ourselves accountable for the results of our work. We emphasize quality in our work. We inform truthfully about our activities and hold ourselves accountable to both the donors and the beneficiaries.

Respect– We approach other cultures with respect and humility. We strive to support local initiatives. We do not come with ready-made solutions; the most essential element for the planning of our activities is the knowledge and understanding of local needs.

Effectiveness, quality and creativity – We strive for a pragmatic approach, maximum effectiveness, optimum quality and cost balance, as well as innovative and creative solutions. The quality of our results is more important than their quantity. We recognize the minimal standards in humanitarian assistance as defined by the Sphere project

Partnership, participation and coordination – We involve beneficiaries and partners in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of our projects and programmes and inform them about progress. We work constructively with the local population, communities and authorities (if they work for the benefit of the people). Needs assessments are based on consultations with local stakeholders. We strive to strengthen local capacities and use local resources as much as possible.

Ethos – Our staff make our identity. Therefore, we look for people who are strongly motivated, competent, effective, creative, and who identify with our values. We support the professional growth of our staff. Our staff’s health, safety and security is the utmost priority. We acknowledge the principles defined in the framework of the People in Aid initiative.

Non-discrimination – We believe all people are equal. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, HIV/AIDS status or any other characteristic. Instead, we will actively promote human rights, dignity, equality and the inclusion of all marginalized people. PIN is guided by the principles of non-discrimination especially during the selection of beneficiaries and its own staff.

What do we follow?

The Section's work is governed by several policies and strategic documents followed by all employees and people who work for us.

The Section's overall activities are governed by the RDD Strategy , which puts emphasis on several spheres of our work. The individual missions established then have their own strategic plans that help us determine priorities and measure the long-term results of our efforts. You will also find detailed information on our activities in our Annual Reports.

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