Parliament of Mongolia joins EU & NGO’s call to End Violence Against Women and Children

Published: Dec 11, 2020 Reading time: 3 minutes
Parliament of Mongolia joins EU & NGO’s call to End Violence Against Women and Children
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The Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament, H.E. G. Zandanshatar, opened the session with a speech on the White Ribbon Campaign – highlighting the importance of wearing a white ribbon which calls on all men to stand up, speak out, and stop the violence. 

“Everyone's participation is important to stop [violence]. That is why Mongolia is joining the White Ribbon Campaign, the world's largest movement to end violence against girls and women. A man wearing a white ribbon signifies that men will not remain silent about violence against women and will never commit violence. The campaign is supported by the “Lobby Group Against Violence” in Parliament, the “Women’s Parliamentary Caucus”, the National Center Against Violence and People in Need INGO. The State Great Hural (Parliament) plans to make major policy changes in 2021 to end gender-based violence and improve child protection laws,” said H.E. Zandanshatar, Speaker of Parliament during today’s plenary session.

To address the pervasiveness of violence against women and children, NCAV, Monfemnet, Healthy Men Health Family NGO, and People In Need, are running the White Ribbon Campaign. The campaign calls on men to rise-up and put an end to violence in all its forms.

"Combating gender-based violence requires every one’s action – every day, every hour and every minute. I am calling on everyone to join me and stop violence against women and girls,” said H. E. Mr Traian Hristea, European Union Ambassador to Mongolia.

Here in Mongolia, domestic and sexual violence is a human rights issue of national concern. According to a UNFPA/NSO study in Mongolia, one in three women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. Last year, eight people were killed and 732 were injured in reported domestic violence cases, of which 89% were women and 7.7% were children. The same study also found that 1 in 10 women experienced child sexual abuse before the age of 15. With the COVID19 pandemic quarantine measures, children and women are at greater risk of violence when they are unable to leave their home.

The White Ribbon Campaign in Mongolia will continue to the weeks and months ahead – working to engage men and boys across Mongolia to speak out and unite to end violence.

How can you join the campaign?

• Provide information on intolerance and prevention of violence, and publish it in media (including social media).

• Talk to men and boys about how they can play a role in the lives of others to end violence against women.

• Encourage men to speak out against violence when they see or hear it.

• Join the campaign and challenge others to join-in.

Connect to our campaign on social media.

About People in Need (PIN): INGO based in the Czech Republic, launched programming in Mongolia in 2009, when it provided emergency assistance to herders affected by severe winter conditions (dzud). With the goals of saving lives and protecting dignity, empowering people and supporting sustainable living, PIN established its permanent presence in Mongolia in 2011.

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* Cover photo: T. Davaasuren MP and Dr T. Munkhtsetseg MP

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