People in Need stands ready to help displaced Ukrainians

Published: Feb 22, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
People in Need stands ready to help displaced Ukrainians

People in Need (PIN) is watching with growing concern the dramatically deteriorating situation in Ukraine. In the event of a major escalation of the conflict, our team in Ukraine is ready to increase the volume of aid and to deliver humanitarian assistance to people who flee. To plan for this possibility, PIN has released 1 million Czech crowns (40,000 EUR) from the Club of Friends of People in Need, and launched a new Ukraine emergency appeal.

An up-to-date overview of PIN's activities

West of Ukraine

People in Need's trucks regurarly arrive in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv with much-needed humanitarian aid. We also provide psychological assistance in the region and help to create refugee centres in smaller towns. Trains from the Czech Republic with humanitarian aid arrive in Kiev.

East of Ukraine

We distribute water, food parcels and hygiene items in eastern Ukraine. We provide direct financial assistance to particularly vulnerable families. We are sending trains to Dnipro, from where is the aid distributed to other places. Two of our trucks got to the city of Sumy.

Czech Republic

Social workers assist refugees in almost all regions, we are part of the organizational structures and we participate in the creation of systemic solutions for the integration of incoming Ukrainians. We have established a telephone hotline in Ukrainian language. We financially support helping organizations.

Border States

In Moldova, we have reinforced our existing office and are helping to set up and equip accommodation facilities for Ukrainian refugees in cooperation with local organisations. In Romania, we also financially support local organisations. In Slovakia, in cooperation with Človek v ohrození, we are helping at border crossings I inside the country and with aid coordination in the Ukrainian Transcarpathian region.

Despite the escalating crisis, PIN continues to work on both sides of the contact line, providing assistance to 200,000 people a year. "We continue to distribute water to people living near the contact line and are providing people with psychosocial assistance,” said Petr Drbohlav, PIN Regional Director for the Eastern Partnership and the Balkans. “In non-government-controlled areas we have temporarily suspended work. Just before that we distributed vouchers, which can be used for buy food."

PIN’s Executive Director, Šimon Pánek, said: "Ukraine needs our help. Recognition of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics and the deployment of Russian troops on their territory will only increase tensions, intensify fighting, and worsen the situation of people we help on both sides of the contact line. A capable and strong PIN team has been working in eastern Ukraine for a long time, helping people affected by armed conflict. We call on all who are not indifferent to the development and situation in Ukraine and want to help to contribute to our Ukraine emergency appeal. We will use the funds to provide victims of armed conflict with humanitarian aid, support people fleeing the conflict, help refugees, and protect vulnerable families and individuals."

Ukraine Emergency Appeal

If the situation escalates militarily, it will inevitably trigger a large wave of refugees. The PIN team in Ukraine is closely monitoring the situation and is preparing various scenarios to quickly provide refugees or internally displaced people with humanitarian aid.

At the same time, PIN calls on all parties to the conflict to adhere to their obligations under international humanitarian law and protection of civilians.

People in Need in Ukraine

PIN has been providing humanitarian aid in eastern Ukraine since 2014. Since then, we have helped 3.8 million people who have often lost everything due to the fighting. "We have been delivering water, hygiene supplies, and coal for heating in the winter for eight years,” says Drbohlav. “Our work also focuses on the repair of damaged houses or water pipes. We also provide psychosocial support and consultations to those who are afraid of further conflicts, the future, or for their lives."
Since 2014, Czech donors have contributed more than 17 million crowns (680,000 EUR) to help people affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
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