Reports in the IATI system

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Reports in the IATI system
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At People in Need, information about our development and humanitarian activities are published using the IATI data standard. The IATI data standard is a set of rules and guidelines for resource distributing organizations that provide easy access to transparent information.

IATI, International Aid Transparency Initiative, is a global initiative aimed at improving the transparency of developmental and humanitarian resources used to address poverty and crises. Under its guidance, governments, multilateral institutions and organizations of the private and civil sector work together in order to publish materials that can be used in developmental countries. Transparency is a crucial step towards improving coordination and efficiency. All participating organizations must publish their data according to the IATI standard (XML).

IATI data serve a wide range of needs for:

  • Governments of developing countries that can, using the IATI data, effectively collaborate with organizations operating in their territory.
  • Donors and multilateral agencies who want to know where their donations will have the biggest impact.
  • Civil society organizations providing services to improve coordination and want to avoid repeating tasks
  • Citizens and journalists who wish to be more aware of spending and the resource used.

Report of People in Need: 

Current data until 31. 3. 2024 are HERE.

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