Now Available Online: Six Student Films about Climate Change

Published: Dec 15, 2022 Reading time: 3 minutes
Now Available Online: Six Student Films about Climate Change
© Foto: Lucie Bečvářová, Martin Fischer

Twelve university students created six short films about climate change as part of the Film for Climate project. You can now view them all online in Czech with English subtitles.

Exactly one year ago in December 2021, a free workshop for university students who were interested in making short films about climate change was held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The two documentary filmmakers Tereza Reichová and Jan Sacher facilitated the workshop by helping all the participants with the development of their stories and being available for one-on-one consultations. Six student scripts were then selected by the judges to receive funding to be made into films. The hope is that these films will continue to be used for years to come in order to continue to educate people about climate change.

Six short films were created by young Czech filmmakers studying at FAMU, UMPRUM, the Miroslav Ondříček Film Academy in Písek and FTF in Bratislava. The films premiered at the Kavalírka Cinema in Prague over the summer and several of the films were also screened at the Prague Science Film Fest this past autumn. 

You can watch the student films below. The films are now available on the PIN YouTube channel in Czech with English subtitles and can also watch them on the Dafilms Junior online platform. 


Radixxx (Denisa Langrová, Jana Chmelařová)

How does an individual or a group fight against the threat of climate change and for climate justice? This film reflects the futility, paralysis, and absurdity of the individual struggle, but also the power of friendship. Take a dystopian sci-fi trip to a world in which the actors fully experience the consequences of climate change.

Plašte neplašte / Do (not) panic (Lucie Bečvářová, Martin Fischer)

Climate Change: believe it or not. In this film, you’ll hear two stories about the planet and its people. They were inspired by the harsh reality of the climate crisis, or was it all just a hoax?

Film o žížalách / A Film about Earthworms (Adéla Kaiserová, Barbora Aradská)

This film is about earthworms as both a product and producer. What would the world be without them? And would it even exist? Follow the journey of this little creature in comparison to the journey us humans make. Is it harder for an earthworm to survive in the modern world or is it still possible for it to find its own way? 

Farma zvířátek / Pet Farm (Adam Závodský, Adam Růžička)

An animated Orwellian parody about international climate negotiations led by a group of politicians about how to put out the fire of CO2 emissions.

10 tisíc pro klima / €400 for Climate (Valerie Vítů, Michaela Kozáková)

What can be done for the climate with a grant of 10,000 CZK (about € 400)? This sociological documentary takes a look at whether this amount can really mitigate the consequences of climate change.

PRIRODA_2.0 / NATURE_2.0 (Radek Ševčík, Petr Chromčák) (available online in January 2023)

At a time when many people no longer consider themselves to be part of nature, a building with the permanent exhibition “Trezor přírody” (Nature Vault) was set up in the southeast of the Czech Republic. The film centres around a group of children playing in this isolated location full of artificial reproductions of nature. Learn they really learn about nature there?

The project was created as a part of the “Filmem pro klima” (Film for Climate) workshop with the support of People in Need as part of the 1Planet4All EU program. The EU and People in Need are not responsible for the content of the films.
Autor: Václav Zeman

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