"Students think they're studying in a palace right now," says Afifa Azimi. We are committed to providing a safe and conducive learning environment in Afghanistan

Published: Jul 26, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes
Rehabilitation of Mohammad Khan Pamir High School was one Kabul (PD12) under AHF.
© Foto: Adipoor Jallaluddin

After two decades of conflict in Afghanistan, thousands of schools, educational centres, and academic environments have been destroyed. Thousands of students and academics have been affected, left their countries, or even chosen other occupations to serve their families and people. War has turned the beautiful face of schools into a nightmare. The demolished schools and educational centres across the country tell a tale of woe.

Last year, we rehabilitated 75 classrooms in 7 schools and a protection wall in another school. Over 50,000 students, both boys and girls, from both primary and secondary schools, benefit from these works.

Renovating her school with her own salary

Mohammad Khan Pamir High School was one Kabul (PD12) school that was not in good condition before we started to help; the classrooms were old and worn out, with broken blackboards, unpainted walls, and doors; there was no electricity; and the drinking water storage was damaged.

The school deputy director began renovations on a meagre budget from her own salary because she was committed to giving the students a safe and conducive learning environment. Although the renovations did not significantly improve the school's physical appearance, they demonstrated her dedication to improvement.

"Before PIN's assistance, I used my salary to paint the walls, but I could not afford to make such a significant change with that amount of money as PIN did," says Afifa Azimi School Deputy Director.

Renovation of 10 classes

However, we recently completed the rehabilitation and restoration project with the support of the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund (AHF) and in close coordination and cooperation with the school teachers and community members. The school now provides a safe, vibrant, and conducive learning environment.

We have rehabilitated 10 classes with an administration office, including water storage renovation, electricity lines, and switch installation. Right now, as a result, the school environment as a whole has seen a significant improvement. Teachers and kids alike are pleased with the lovely changes made possible by PIN with the help of the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund (AHF). "When I saw our class after restoration, I felt so good because the classes were equipped, and now we can use the water outside because they have repaired our water storage. We are delighted now," says Asra, a school student. 

This project has brought a smile back to the lips of children and a sense of comfort and relief to their minds. Now they are happy and more enthusiastic about learning and don't lose even one day of class.

"The kids are so happy; they even booked the chairs for themselves and attend classes every day without any absence; although teachers were desperate and didn't feel comfort, now both teachers and students are happy," says Afifa Azimi.

Education for 9,550 children

With Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund (AHF) funding, we have provided over 9.550 children access to Grade 1 education over the last year. We have established and maintained Community Based Education classes across Kabul City and Kabul Province. At the same time, we provide rehabilitation to public schools and help conflict-affected schools with a safe, protected, and conducive learning environment.

Autor: Jallaluddin Adipoor, PIN Afghanistan Communication Officer

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