Supporting southern Armenia through adventures on the Legends Trail

Published: Jun 1, 2021 Reading time: 2 minutes
Supporting southern Armenia through adventures on the Legends Trail
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This summer, why not visit the Legends Trail, a 150-kilometre route through the Goris, Tatev, and Kapan communities in southern Armenia? People in Need (PIN), together with partners, supports the development of tourism in these communities through the “EU4Tourism: outdoor adventures on the historic trails in Syunik” project, funded by the European Union.

The aim of the project is to help people in southern Armenia develop livelihoods through ecotourism; 17 businesses and 18 community initiatives in Goris, Tatev, and Kapan have received support to date. Now, with Armenia set to once again open for business after COVID-19, adventure awaits.

As part of the project, a new footpath in the Syunik Province of southern Armenia, stretching from Khndzoresk to Khustup, has been scouted, mapped, and marked, and passes through some of the region’s natural and cultural heritage sites. The Legends Trail connects old and abandoned villages of the Syunik Province, including Old Khot, which is often referred to as the Armenian Machu Picchu, and has become the newest hotspot in the region. Support for alternative, eco-friendly tourism has given the rural communities along the trail opportunities to benefit from the growing influx of tourists.

The Legends Trail forms part of the larger Transcaucasian Trail, a proposed, 1,500-kilometre hiking path connecting northern Georgia and southern Armenia. Approximately 130 kilometres of the Legends Trail is shared with the Transcaucasian Trail, leading to the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders from both trail projects, and creating opportunities for trail users with a range of hiking abilities and ambitions to explore the Syunik Province.

The Legends Trail got its name thanks to the many legends that Syunik is known for. A book of these legends is available for download in five languages: 






We have also collected a number of other resources, including information on the spiritual culture of Kapan, a list of where to eat along the trail, as well as information on where you can spend the night.

You can also purchase a guidebook with maps or stop by at the HIKE Armenia Office.

Read more about the touristic services in Syunik region at website.

Devil's Bridge section of the Legends Trail is enriched with augmented reality content and available for visitors at the AR Trails App.

The project has been supported by European Union in Armenia.

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