We distributed jackets, socks, and hats to over 9,680 Community-Based Education students and teachers ahead of winter in central Afghanistan

Published: Dec 12, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes
We distributed jackets, socks, and hats to over 9,680 Community-Based Education students and teachers ahead of winter in central Afghanistan
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Shelter Cluster reports indicate that around 81% of Afghan households lack sufficient winter clothing, and 77% do not have adequate heating. According to our teams’ findings, many children are working to support their families' basic needs. With funding from the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund, we provided winterisation kits to over 9,400 Community-Based Education (CBE) students and 280 teachers in Kabul province. 

22-year-old Noor Mohammad, a CBE teacher in Dehsabz, a district on the outskirts of Kabul, is a graduate who had to discontinue his studies due to his family's financial difficulties. He was among the most vulnerable members of his community and struggled to cover his family's expenses.

We announced vacant teaching positions for CBE classes in Dehsabz to launch a project supporting out-of-school children. He applied and successfully became a teacher; since then, his life has significantly improved. “When I joined the CBE as a teacher, I saw that most of our students belonged to the most vulnerable and marginalised families. Their families cannot afford to buy proper clothing for them. People in Need provided all the required materials, including winterisation kits like jackets, socks, and hats,” he says.

As a teacher, he underwent training on teaching methods, child protection, the PIN code of conduct, and psycho-social support (PSS) to engage well with CBE students. “On the first day I joined the class, I considered these students fortunate to have such opportunities. They benefit from a comfortable, conducive learning environment and warm winter clothing,” says Noor Mohammad.

“Before, students travelled long distances from distant villages to attend classes. During the winter, cold weather and unpaved roads posed significant barriers to reaching their classes. Many suffered from various diseases brought on by winter conditions,” says Noor Mohammad.

Shoe polishing and garbage collection – work for Afghan children

"It is a crucial time for CBE students to study diligently and use the facilities provided by PIN. I always advise them not to let this opportunity go. They have a chance to learn and improve their knowledge, and many of them understand that education is the key to a prosperous life," says Noor Mohammad.

Many school-aged children attending CBE classes must also work to support their families to overcome economic hardships. Some of them are orphans or have lost their breadwinners due to past armed conflicts. "I have observed many of my students working in the city, bus stations, supermarkets, and streets. They clean car windows, polish shoes, collect garbage, and sell plastics to provide food for their families," says Noor Mohammad.

Over 15,8 million children need humanitarian assistance

According to UNOCHA, 29.2 million individuals, including 15.8 million children, need humanitarian aid. Among them, over 5 million people require winterisation assistance. The root causes of this situation are decades of conflict, severe economic downturn marked by cash shortages, high unemployment, escalating food prices, and extreme climate shocks. These factors have pushed millions into poverty.

Winterisation kits for over 9,400 students and 280 teachers

People in Need, with the support of the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund AHFdistributed 9,680 winterisation kits to 280 CBE class teachers (101 females and 179 males) and 9,400 students (3,984 boys and 5,416 girls). These kits include jackets, socks, and hats (per cluster recommendations), providing protection, warmth, and comfort. By equipping them with suitable clothing, we can ensure the well-being of these students and enable them to join their classes safely during the winter season.

Autor: Jallaluddin Adipoor, PIN Afghanistan Communication Officer

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