We have helped 8,038 people tackle poverty and malnutrition in Chemtal district of Balkh province, Afghanistan

Published: Sep 6, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
Story of Fatima supported by cash for food assistance in Chemtal District of Northern Afghanistan.
© Foto: Jallaluddin Adipoor

Afghanistan's economy has been on the verge of collapse since the change of government in 2021. Consequently, thousands of people have lost their source of income, many are displaced, and hundreds of thousands are facing hunger, a lack of shelter, and crumbling education and health systems. Most people struggle to find the funds to cover basic living expenses such as food, drinking water, and health. 

Fatima (63 years old) lives with her only son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren in a small mud-built house in Jarqalah village of Chemtal district in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan. Fatima's family has struggled a lot to cover her family's expenses.

"I look after my grandchildren in the absence of their mom; now my daughter-in-law is the sole breadwinner in our family, and she financially supports us by working in neighbouring houses," says Fatima.

We did not have enough to feed my grandson

Fatima lost her younger son during the war in Afghanistan, and now she has only one son left. "Before this, my son had a job, but he lost his job; now he is unemployed," says Fatima. Currently, he tries to make a living as a daily worker, which is not a sustainable source of income.

Fatima lives below the poverty line; she used to borrow money from her relatives and neighbours to buy food and cover her family's needs. "My grandson lost weight, we didn't have enough to feed him well but PIN saved our grandson from malnutrition, and they also taught us about hygiene and nutrition practices," she explains after she received home counselling and awareness sessions on hygiene and nutrition. "I am fighting a dangerous disease [diabetes and blood pressure], and my son doesn't have a job, so he can't help me pay for my treatment," adds Fatima.

Access to food for 6 months

Fatima was one of the 8,038 people (4,097 women and girls, and 3,941 men and boys) supported with Cash-for-Food assistance delivered in Chemtal district of Balkh province as part of a programme funded by the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund (AHF). The cash assisted the households with purchasing essential food items.

Fatima received all 6 rounds of cash assistance, equivalent of $60 (5,260 AFN) per round. In total, she received $360, equivalent of 31,560 AFN. 

"During the last six months, I had access to different varieties of food like rice, beans, meat, dairy, vegetables, etc., and our lives were less stressful. It was very nice, and we are thankful to PIN," says Fatima. 

Autor: Jallaluddin Adipoor, PIN Afghanistan Communication Officer

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