We have launched the SOS Gaza appeal: in Gaza, we support psychological help for children and call for a humanitarian ceasefire

Published: Apr 25, 2024 Reading time: 2 minutes
We have launched the SOS Gaza appeal: in Gaza, we support psychological help for children and call for a humanitarian ceasefire
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The international community must join forces in calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, and the recent killing of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers highlights the appalling conditions on the ground. Civilians in Gaza, including women and children, are dying from bombing and shelling, trapped without safe shelter and with little to no access to basic necessities such as healthcare, food, and safe drinking water.

Civilians must be protected, hostages must be released, and the safe transport and distribution of much-needed humanitarian aid must be ensured. The situation on the ground is dire. All parties involved must take responsibility for the protection of the civilian population. 

Helping to alleviate war trauma for children in Gaza

Although we do not work directly on the ground, we have financially supported War Child, an organisation that, together with a local partner, provides psychological first aid and psychosocial support to children and their families affected by the conflict. 

Assistance is primarily through psychological interventions and group activities in 10 schools in Rafah and the central Gaza Strip. So far, 369 children have received psychological first aid sessions, and 1,876 children have participated in leisure activities, sometimes with their family members. 

During these activities, children engaged in various psychosocial exercises such as role-playing, storytelling, relaxation, breathing, and concentration games to help relieve stress and cope with emotional challenges.

"Helping children in war conflicts is crucial, so we are trying to alleviate the traumas that will affect their entire lives. In the extreme environment of the war in Gaza, we have supported War Child so that they and their local partner can continue this type of work as much as possible," says Marek Štys, head of humanitarian programmes at People in Need.

In December, we supported War Child, an international humanitarian organisation that helps children living in war conflicts worldwide, with €100,000.

 War Child and its local partners plan to continue psychological first aid and psychosocial support activities despite the extremely challenging environment where aid workers themselves must live in makeshift conditions, have difficulty moving around, and lack basic equipment.

SOS Gaza appeal

We have opened a public appeal to help the victims of the war in Gaza. Donors can contribute to the account number 62621515/0300. Donations will be used for psychosocial and humanitarian assistance on the ground according to the needs, security situation, and the ability of our partners to implement aid programmes.


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