“We used the cash assistance for my husband’s medical treatment and to buy food,” says Hajira. We supported 11,000 people in northern Afghanistan

Published: Dec 12, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes
“We used the cash assistance for my husband’s medical treatment and to buy food,” says Hajira. We supported 11,000 people in northern Afghanistan
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We supported vulnerable populations in the village of Noor E Khuda in northern Afghanistan. Hajira lives in the village with her two sons and two daughters. Due to her husband's illness, Hajira works to provide food and other necessities.

Hajira earns 50 Afghani ($0,70) daily working in a snack factory. "Previously, we lived in Samangan Province. However, due to a lack of job opportunities and my husband's mental illness, we relocated to Mazar-e Sharif to find work and also for better treatment for my husband. Currently, we live in a rented house. My younger son is a student who also works part-time in the snack factory. As for my daughters, they are too young to work, and their father's illness prevents him from working as well," Says Hajira.

My eldest son left school to work to provide food for our family

"I couldn't afford to pay for our rent, utilities, and my family's basic needs alone. As a result, my elder son had to leave school and start working to earn money for his family. Despite his best efforts, we can't cover our family's expenses. My husband's medical treatment and medication require even more money. However, we won't give up and will continue to struggle and make efforts," says Hajira.

Despite facing economic hardships, she remains hopeful. She is not alone. Many Noor E Khuda residents are experiencing similar challenges. "Sometimes, when I feel broken, I visit my neighbour's house, and we listen to each other's stories. We vow not to give up, to stand strong, and to support each other," says Hajira.

Fifteen years ago, Hajira's husband, Abdul, was a healthy taxi driver, and they dreamed of a good life with children. However, life took a turn for the worse, and they lost everything. Her husband was involved in a severe car accident, causing him to lose his mental stability. He has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Despite this, Hajira is grateful to be alive and for the opportunities that have come their way.

"It's not enough, but it's better than nothing, and we are happy,” says Hajira about her family’s economic situation.

Hajira Received all six rounds of Cash For Food assistance

With the support of the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund (AHF), we distributed Cash for food assistance to over 11,311 individuals, comprising 5,292 men and 6,019 women in Mazar-e Sharif. PIN assessed and selected Hajira. “I have already received cash assistance six times, totalling 6,200 AFG (equivalent to $72). I used the first and second instalments to pay for my husband’s medical treatments and medications. Thankfully, he has recovered now, and we are optimistic that he will soon be able to work again and help us meet our basic needs. We spent the remaining four rounds of assistance on food. We now have an adequate supply of rice, oil, and sugar beans, and I believe that once my husband's treatment is complete, we will no longer require such assistance. I am grateful to PIN for their invaluable support,” says Hajira.

According to UNOCHA, between January and August 2023, humanitarian organisations in Afghanistan reached 19.5 million individuals with food and livelihood support, 11.2 million with healthcare, and 7.6 million with water, sanitation, and hygiene support. Through this action, PIN contributed to the humanitarian response in Afghanistan by distributing Cash For Food assistance for over 11,311 individuals in Mazar Sharif City, Balkh province.

Autor: Jallaluddin Adipoor, PIN

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