Welcome to WaterReport

Published: Jan 11, 2016 Reading time: 1 minute
Welcome to WaterReport
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WaterReport is used for reporting problems with water sources in given areas. Registered users can send SMS with problem description and responsible technicians will arrange a solution. Regular reports about water consumption, collected money or other activities can also be handed over. All problems and reports are displayed on a map or in a table and can be exported according to selected filters.

In Ethiopia, PIN uses the application in Alaba Special Wareda in SNNPR region. Alaba is known for very deep water table and only way to provide drinking water to the communities is via motorized deep boreholes. Such systems are technically and financially demanding. WaterReport serves the purpose of communication channel between water source committees (WASHCOs) and Wareda administration.

See the water source management diagram for Ethiopia

There are two types of reports. One, problem report is being sent in case of malfunction or breakdown of any part of the complex system. It enables wareda technicians to respond swiftly and reduce “down-time” of the source. Second type of reporting is a regular one; WASHCOs send administrative data on monthly basis such as water consumption and financial data. This makes the system transparent and enables Wareda administration to store received data in electronic version.

This project has been supported by Hrdlicka s.r.o. – Czech geodetics company
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