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The western province where we operate is a region with a very low education rate. The reason can be found both in extreme poverty and the poor state of individual schools. In addition, most children have to travel great distances to get to school. 

PIN operates in the Kalabo district, which has an area similar in size to the South Moravian or the Central Bohemian region but with twenty times less inhabitants and only four secondary schools. Schools are built out of clay and lack proper floors and windows; the number of desks and chairs is also inadequate. Therefore, in cooperation with the local teacher-parent association, we are helping to improve infrastructure and equip classes so that local children can have better access to a quality education.

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Past aid programmes

Let´s build a School in Africa

Let´s build a School in Africa

With the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo asylum seekers are leaving their homes and searching for safety in Zambia. As a result of the unstable political situation and deprivation of basic services, such as food and health care, millions of Congolese are on the move. Most people from DRC live in refugee settlements in Meheba (North-Western Province), Mantapala (Luapula Province), and Mayukwayukwa (Western Province).
In cooperation with the Zambian Ministry of Education, People in Need rehabilitated four schools in the Meheba refugee settlement, giving hundreds of students better access to education and thus a means of combating poverty and unemployment in future.
Thanks to the project, the walls and roofs of the school blocks were repaired including new classrooms, offices and toilets, including hand-washing stations. The classrooms were equipped with desks, tables, benches, chairs, and whiteboards to meet basic standards and students’ needs. Students also received new educational materials. The Parent Teacher Association was actively involved in discussions and construction work.
Let’s build a School in Africa

Let’s build a School in Africa

People in Need has been present in the Kalabo district since 2017 and has already implemented several successful projects. One of them is an intervention focused on the quality of education in Ndoka ward. The remoteness of villages in the Kalabo district make it difficult for local people to access basic services such as health care, markets, water, proper nutrition, and education.
In close cooperation with the Zambian Ministry of Education, People in Need decided to support the quality of education in Ndoka ward. The project rehabilitated three primary schools and constructed one classroom block in Nangumba village. The targeted primary schools lacked desks and classroom furniture, and there was a great need for rehabilitation of the current structures. At the same time, overcrowded classrooms had a clear impact on the quality of education.
With the active involvement of the Parent Teacher Association and students, several classrooms were reconstructed, and, along with the surrounding school areas, beautified.  Thanks to the project, walls and roofs were repaired and new classrooms, offices, latrines, and hand-washing stations were installed. One brand new classroom block (with two classrooms and one office) was constructed. The classrooms were fully equipped with tables, desks, benches, chairs, and whiteboards to meet the standards of the Ministry of Education.

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